Boy Who: Video!!?

The Boy Who

John aus LA hatte vor längerer Zeit damit angefangen, ein Video für „The Boy Who“ zu drehen. Wir hatten es schon fast vergessen, doch jetzt scheint es, als wäre es so gut wie fertig:

In the next couple of weeks we will be releasing two new music videos directed by John LaCroix.

The first one is The Dance Inc’s “The Boy Who”. This is a great indie band from Germany, on Audiolith Records, who gave us 100% creative control. They’ve been extremely patient while many months pass without seeing any part of it. It’s another video heavy with visual effects (and these things take time) but the final touches are being put on the video right now. Finally, here’s a peak at a few still frames.

Wir haben noch kein Stück davon gesehen, bis auf die screens und sind jetzt mehr als gespannt! Hier das Storyboard, das John uns geschickt hat:

It’s a narrative video, more like a short silent film to music. It starts with a boy playing a soccer game. He’s beat on a bit, kicked and knocked down and then comes back to score on the opposing team. After the game he’s abandoned by his parents and forced to walk home alone. On his walk home, he goes on a long journey through a variety of locations and eventually stumbles upon a memorial where people have placed items for somebody who has died there. The boy steals a big glass globe with a lid on it. That globe glows and sparkles as he takes off into the woods where he sort of begins a ritual of offering it to the sky. This is when it gets weird. Particles and beams of light take over and bring the viewer into a spacey unknown universe of fully animated hallucinations of light. The vide ends with only the globe left and the boy has disappeared.

Schade, dass es nicht zur EM fertiggeworden ist ;-)

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  1. 1 rampue 31. Juli 2008 um 12:11 Uhr

    klingt sehr vielversprechend….bin gespannt :)

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